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Houses Under The Sun - Greece

Real Estate Company-Thessaloniki Greece

The magnificent environment.
The gentle weather conditions.
The great historical past with ancient sites and monuments all around and
The strategic position at the South East part of Europe, are some of the reasons which make the North area of Greece, the place to make business and enjoy the four season’s living.

At Neo Rysio, a suburb only 15 Km east from Thessaloniki s center, very close to the International Airport and on the way to Chalkidiki,
Ahtina Tsantila and Dimitrios Zikoulis run their own small but dynamic, real estate company.
Whether you are a corporate investor or an individual, we can be your personal Researchers and Advisers in order to find the properties you want.

We have an in-depth knowledge of the area and we can search and find the most suitable properties for your needs, either in urban settings or closer to nature in villages that still preserve their original character.
We believe that, regardless of the present difficulties, the area of Thessaloniki, is always a very attractive place to live or make business.

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Thessaloniki - Suburbs
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Thessaloniki - Municipality
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